COVID-19 and Changes Within YoMart

Reimbursements to employees for expenses allowed under the University’s Accountable Plan

 Setting the Employee up in YoMart.

  • The requesting department should send an email to Dawn Sturgill sturgllcs@appstate.edu that contains the employee’s name and Banner number.  This email should be from the department with either oversight of the funding source or oversight of the employee.  The email must also come from an ASU email address. Dawn will notify the requesting department when this process is completed. 

Entering the request in YoMart

  • The employee that is requesting the reimbursement, should enter this information into a shopping cart, attach a copy of a complete receipt and assign this cart to the departmental administrator that has authority over the funds that are to be use for the payment of the expense reimbursement.  Everyone with an Appstate email can access YoMart. 

Procedures for Submitting PO Invoices for Payment Processing during COVID-19 and Going Forward

Follow this link for updated proceedures

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